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Integrations are everyday hustle

for Crafthouse

Integrations in Retail

SFTP or Webservice. XML or JSON. With Crafthouse's integration solution, we easily implement a connection interface to any external system - with any technology.

We have implemented dozens of interfaces for various marketing systems, loyalty systems, operational controls and supplier systems.

eCommerce     Payment    Finance    Procurement    Logistics

eCommerce Connectors

You may choose to use a third party online store - the choise is yours.

Are you already using another online shopping platform? Crafthouse's operational control can be connected via an open interface from almost any online store.

Contact us, and we'll plan together what role Crafthouse's operational management could play in your e-commerce business.

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Payment transmission

All major payment receiving and forwarding companies operating in the Finnish market.

You can choose a secure payment solution for the checkout system or online store. If you already have a contractual relationship with a payment intermediary, you can also continue it as our customer. Domestic operators guarantee that both equipment and software are up-to-date in modern trading.

In cooperation with us


Financial Connectors

With the help of our domestic partners, you make your business operations even easier and smoother!

Accounts receivable and receivables management are often operated in a separate application made for the purpose, so a typical system integration is a financial management interface. We want to automatically create accounting material from the cash register and online store data and transfer it to the accounting system.

If necessary, we implement a connection to the financial management system you use by utilizing Crafthouse's integration tools.

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Procurement and forecasting

Improve your operations, manage your products.

Analyze, forecast and manage product selection and sales. Optimize purchases and inventory to the lowest possible value, but circulating and comprehensive.

With the tools of Supermind and Relex, you manage the life cycle of products, taking into account the seasons. In addition, you make your daily work easier with automatic replenishment orders - no more empty space on the shelf!
Contact us, and we will plan the best solution to make your company's operations more efficient.  

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In today's world, speed and ease of delivery are often a priority for the customer.

In order to be able to serve your customers in accordance with their quality requirements, we offer you logistics solutions on a wide scale. Your customer orders, you deliver, quickly and reliably with the help of our joint partners!

In cooperation with us


Integration to your software too?  

We plan and implement integration with all online stores!