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Odoo for Sales and Marketing

Odoo boosts your sales and marketing to a whole new level!

You can manage all daily sales and marketing processes under one and the same Odoo solution. You don't have to waste time jumping between different systems and learning the different user interfaces of many different operators. Odoo handles all your operations on a one-stop basis, so to speak. Thus, you will improve sales and marketing and save clean money.

Odoo is in Finnish, in Englis, in Swedish... but if needed, there are dozens of different languages to choose from.


Odoo helps you with sales and marketing tasks

With Odoo's sales tools, you can create leads, make offers and close the deal. Not to mention dozens of other functions that Odoo offers.
The entire sales process is handled from start to finish with Odoo!

    Through Odoo CRM, you can perfectly manage everything related to customer relationship management easily and quickly. All sales processes can be managed from the same view, from the lead to the acceptance of the offer.

    Odoo offers a wide range of marketing tools. Through Odoo, you can do, for example, email marketing, social media updates and online store maintenance. All from the same place. Odoo also offers real-time analytics for use by the sales organization, on the basis of which it is easy to develop operations in the necessary direction.

     Orders, invoicing, inventory management and dozens of other tools to help with the sales flow. You no longer need integrations with external systems. Of course, if you want to use external systems, that is also possible. Odoo bends in one direction or another as needed!

We deliver Odoo systems to our customers on a turnkey basis
Taking into account the special wishes and requirements of each customer. We customize, configure and train your staff so that you get the most out of your Odoo system.

 Contact us and we will tell you more about the Odoo,
the Retail Pack extension and our pricing. ​

Crafthouse is an official partner of Odoo

Odoo is a business management system developed by the Belgian company Odoo S.A., whose popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate. Odoo has thousands of partner companies on all continents of the world - including in Finland.