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Online shopping platform

A modern, competitive and SEO-friendly online store for your online business.

Why do the same things in many different places?

Crafthouse's online store seamlessly uses the operational control database, and no separate integrations are needed. The desired products are transferred to the online store with pictures at the push of a button.

Store and online store inventory can be conveniently managed both together and separately, and in reporting you can conveniently see both in their own sections. So you don't have to manage the functions of the store and online store separately.

There are several delivery methods, from store pickup to home delivery, in cooperation with several operators. Familiar and safe financial partners will boost your online store's conversion rate. Can buying online be this easy?

Easy implementation

Crafthouse's online store is directly connected to the operations control database. All products, campaigns and images added to the system are immediately visible in the online store.

No integration difficulties, no delays, no errors - and no wasted work. All online store products are automatically available on the cash register side as well - and vice versa.

Setting up an online store is really easy and fast.

Warehousing and logistics

The online store utilizes the inventory management features of Crafthouse's operations management. It knows how much of which product is in which storage location, and can control the collection and delivery process accordingly.

When an order is placed in the online store, a wake-up message is sent to the collector and the ordered products are marked as reserved.

The customer receives order and delivery confirmations automatically in her e-mail.

Payment and delivery methods

The online store integrates with the most popular online payment services, through which all the most important payment methods are available to you.

Bank cards, credit cards, online banks, MASH, MobilePay, invoice and partial payment.

Shipping by post or some other postal service? Pickup from the shop? The online store supports a wide selection of different delivery methods with easily adjustable delivery costs.

Quite tempting to set up an online store?

Contact us, and let's get down to business!