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POS System

Versatile point of sale grows with you and adapts in your needs.

Kassajärjestelmään tyytyväinen kauppias

Domestic Crafthouse has been supplying POS systems and retail solutions since its foundation - since 2002 - when the first cash register program was implemented for the use of specialty stores.

Crafthouse's cash register systems are suitable for use in all industries. The easy-to-use and versatile POS system ensures that your company's financing runs smoothly in a hurry and makes it easier to manage the flow of customers.
As your business grows, the POS system grows with you - without an upper limit. It is easy to connect with e-commerce and chain management solutions, inventory management, selection management, invoicing, accounting and other external systems. The POS can therefore grow as you wish and can be connected to all other information systems of your company.

POS for all industries, 
from small business to a large chain of multiple stores!

To the right need.
Which features of the POS system support the everyday life and growth of your business?
The cash register is not just a cash register. It combines e.g. product and customer register, inventory management, reporting and many other business management tools.

The current and future needs and processes of the company have a significant impact on the selection of the system and its features. At its best, the POS system makes your business more efficient, grows with you and brings clear savings, both in time and money.

Different needs should be carefully mapped before purchasing the system.
We will be happy to help you with that!

Scales from small to large

The modular POS system flexibly adapts to business needs and will meet your business needs in the future as well.

You can influence the costs of your POS system by selecting only the necessary features. The introduction of new functions later is easy and cost-effective.

One system is enough

The versatile POS system includes everything you need, including comprehensive operational management features, chain management, online shopping and marketing tools. All in the same package.

It is also practical to get all the necessary equipment directly from the software supplier. This way you can also be sure that they are best suited to the system you are using.

Up-to-date information at any time

In a cloud-based and platform-independent checkout system, product, customer and sales information is synchronized in real time between the cash register and operations management, so that up-to-date information is available anywhere and anytime. System implementation, maintenance and support services are conveniently and cost-effectively handled remotely.

Easy to use

The cash register's easy-to-use and carefully optimized user interface enables fast financing, regardless of the payment method. The system makes it easier to manage the flow of customers thanks to its quick functions, and you can also make invoicing sales from the cash register and check stock balances if necessary.

Fast cash-flow anywhere

An efficient cash register system supports the busy rhythm of cash register work and improves the customer experience. Financing is also possible on the road and at events. All cash register peripherals, such as the receipt printer and the payment terminal, work seamlessly together with the system, and thanks to that, working at the cash register is smooth.

Reliable and safe 

It is important that the cash register works and cash-flow continues even if the network connection is interrupted or in the event of a sudden power outage. Data security must also be taken care of. The supplier of the cash register system ensures that information security updates are up-to-date in cash register devices, cash register software and servers.
software packages

Complete retail solution

For who?

The complete solution is suitable for controlling a specialty store or retail chain when you need efficient tools for sales, purchasing, reporting, inventory control and managing other retail processes.

Why? - complete solution brings all key functions required in retail to use in a very cost-effective way and with fast delivery time. Despite its versatility, is simple.


Our customer service team will do a light needs assessment with you, on the basis of which the modules to be installed will be defined and the training will be planned. Delivery time for the system is typically 4-6 weeks.

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Odoo-solution for retail business

For who?

Odoo is the right solution for a department store, a retail chain or a retailer hungry for growth when it is necessary to manage various logistics routes and manufacturing processes with the special requirements of wholesale and international trade.


Odoo is a modular system around which a large global network of developers has developed. Odoo gives almost unlimited possibilities. It is customizable and customizable for any type of business.


Crafthouse has implemented a retail expansion (Odoo Retail Pack), which enables Odoo to be used effectively in domestic and international retail. System delivery always starts with needs mapping and definition. The delivery time depends on the scope of the project.

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Now it's time to get your POS system back on track!

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