Crafthouse Oy 
Finnish specialist in information systems

 Our goal is to offer our customers a competitive advantage and the conditions for efficient growth in a rapidly changing operating environment.

"Increase your competitiveness and choose Crafthouse.
Let's face the challenges of today and the future together and make a result!"

We invest very actively in the product development of systems in close cooperation with our customers and partners, both with POS system and with Odoo

POS system-customers are been selected strongly growing chains and companies that want to stand out on the market with their modern and progressive methods of operation. Our customers especially appreciate the ease of use, versatility and modernity of our cash register system.

Our solutions is perceived to offer excellent support for organizing daily activities and engaging customers. It is important for our customers that the system they use offers versatile expansion and development opportunities as the business develops and grows. What luck, then, that the company receives a comprehensive service from us, because Crafthouse offers a POS system, an enterprise control system and an integration between.  

Our vision is to be Finland's leading expert house, whether it's the trade sector or Odoo. Crafthouse's solutions are scalable in terms of features and costs for all companies, regardless of industry, business model and size.

Sami Nurmisto • CEO, Crafthouse Oy

Our tight and strong partner network guarantees our customers a necessary and functional package without forgetting the details.

Our strengths are our customer-appreciating, competent and industry-savvy personnel and an efficient organization, thanks to which we can utilize the latest technology and bring new functions to our customers' reach quickly and cost-effectively.

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