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Odoo – Versatile ERP

Odoo is an application platform on which a company can manage all its business processes.

The modern, cloud-based Odoo ERP system is built seamlessly from business applications that work together, such as sales, inventory management, invoicing, project management and e-commerce, as well as many others. The applications have been developed for different areas of business, and you can put them together to create the package that best suits your company.

So there is something for everyone!



The modular design makes it superior.
The whole consisting of smaller blocks, or in other words the modular structure, enables the system to be implemented step by step, making it easy and cost-effective to add functionalities.

If the feature you need is not found in Odoo's standard features and not from Crafthouses Retail Pack -solution, voit hankkia tarvitsemasi moduulin Odoo's own App Store where you can choose from thousands of modules.

User-friendly, logical and optimized.
The design of Odoo's user interface has focused on these. The almost intuitive software ensures that your company has time for more than typing. The clear and simple layout makes it easy to enter the world of Odoo, whether you're using a computer, tablet or, for example, a smartphone.

All Odoo modules have the same operating logic, which makes it easier to learn how to use even a large system package and new functionalities.

In Odoo applications, data is transferred seamlessly between integrated applications, and data only needs to be entered into the system once, so you can say goodbye to challenging data transfers, Excel tables and external integrations! This way, even when expanding Odoo's functionalities, the data already entered before is directly used by the new application.

Open source code

The development of the Odoo source code is led by the Belgian company Odoo S.A., which was founded in 2005 and is also known worldwide as OpenERP.

Odoo S.A. has developed 45 main modules suitable for business, so there are options. In addition to these modules, Odoo's worldwide developer community of more than 1,500 active members has added thousands of different additional applications to the Odoo Apps Store, and one of these developers is Crafthouse Oy.

New, innovative Odoo applications are constantly being developed to support the changing needs of customers' business.
And best of all, Odoo can be shaped almost limitlessly!

The technologies used by Odoo meet the requirements for a high level of information security.
Open source code is not only behind one company, but any software engineer can see the code and participate in its development. Possible software errors and information security holes are noticed and fixed quickly by the global developer community. Odoo S.A. also has its own security team that focuses only on detecting and fixing security holes and malware.

The open source development model has opened the door to utilize thousands of developers and business experts to build the world's largest and fully integrated enterprise application ecosystem.

Odoo S.A.

Crafthouse Odoo Retail Pack - extension

Odoo is suitable for use by all kinds of companies - including retail. However, the Finnish retail trade has certain established special features that cannot be implemented with Odoo's standard features.

At Crafthouse, we have implemented the checkout extension for Odoo, taking into account the special features of the Finnish wholesale and retail trade. The Retail Pack extension contains improvements and also brings a whole lot of different integrations.

Yes, and it should be mentioned that Crafthouse has more than 20 years of solid experience in the development of ERP and cash systems for wholesale and retail trade. In Finnish, it would be an honor to be part of your company's best decision so far.

Read more about Odoo Retail Pack.

Contact us and we will tell you more about the Odoo,
the Retail Pack extension and our pricing. 

The Odoo Partner title guarantees excellent quality of service and expertise.

Odoo S.A.'s global partner network is responsible for sales, implementation and further development of the Odoo software. In order to receive the official Odoo Partner title, an Odoo supplier must train in all areas of Odoo and pass a demanding certification exam.

At Crafthouse, we know how to tailor Odoo to your company's needs and make sure that everything works in the future. Your company can easily expand and develop its expertise when we are blessed with Odoo's growth to meet your growing needs.

At Crafthouse, we specialize in moving projects forward in a customer-oriented manner, so we guarantee that the implementation takes place on the customer's terms.

Whether you are a smaller player on a brick and mortar or a larger industrial company, we got you!

Crafthouse is an official partner of Odoo

Odoo is a business management system developed by the Belgian company Odoo S.A., whose popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate. Odoo has thousands of partner companies on all continents of the world - including in Finland.